Change notes


  • Fix: all references to changed to
  • Fix: RestTL made more clearly distinct from RestMS
  • Fix: removed feed & pipe type descriptions from RestMS spec
  • Change: add join 'type' property, defaults to empty
  • Change: default feed type is empty (was "topic")
  • Change: default pipe type is empty (was "fifo")
  • Clarity: default join moved into default profile specification
  • Add: new resource type 'profile', read-only child of domain
  • Add: defined "Defaults" profile
  • Add: defined "AMQP9" profile
  • Change: removed feed property on delivered messages
  • Change: POST message to feed MAY result in <message> response


  • Fix: any references to ;type=xxx should be removed
  • Change: break specification into easier to read documents
  • Change: Etag must include MIME type as part of calculation
  • Change: Remove Slug header and move to document 'name=' attribute
  • Change: use plain text error response bodies, not HTML (and specify this)
  • Clarify: what encodings are allowed on embedded content
  • Clarify: why and how to do pipe caching
  • Clarify: URIs can be relative coming from client, always absolute from server
  • Change: generic data model example should not be <restms>, that is confusing
  • Clarify: server SHOULD decode published content before sending to broker if encoding is "base64",
  • Clarify: describe how to post / receive messages, with all scenarios (in Using RestMS)
  • Clarify: for OOB contents, what headers are preserved (answer: none)
  • Clarify: POST on feeds, if xml/json -> message, else is content
  • Clarify: on post content to feed, response has no content
  • Clarify: on post content to feed, GET and DELETE allowed on that content
  • Clarify: on arrived messages, GET and DELETE allowed on those messages
  • Clarify: joins may also have header entities.
  • Add: message_id also shown on pipe summary of messages
  • Clarify: add rules explaining how clients should handle unknown elements
  • Add: list all error responses (in RestMS spec)
  • Clarify: describe rules for XML and JSON mapping (in RestTL)
  • Clarified: semantics of ondemand pipe type.

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