RestMS might be described as “Twitter for applications” because it makes it easy for applications to join together. This article explains RestMS by comparing it to alternatives, and provides some typical use cases.

Global flight data

A firm publishes global flight data: they collect data from airports, aviation authorities, airlines, and booking systems. They publish this as a series of a dozen or so feeds, broken up by geographic relevance. North America is covered by three feeds, while Europe is covered by two.

This firm publishes these feeds to an RestMS servers. The feeds carry around 200 updates per second, or 10M per day. The feeds peak at 1,000 updates per second. Each update is one message.

There are a set of message types, covering flight departures and arrivals, delays, and position …

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This article is an introduction about RestMS, the RESTful Messaging Service. RestMS is a new standard for real web messaging that offers simple, scalable, and secure data delivery over ordinary HTTP.

Why do We need Messaging?

Messaging – also called “messaging middleware” or “message-oriented middleware” – connects software applications running on a variety of platforms, and written in a variety of languages, across a network. There are three main interconnected reasons why messaging is a hot topic:

  • It’s about scale. Applications create more value when they can reach more users. It used to be hard enough to make a software application that ran all by itself. Today, ‘many users’ means Internet scale. It’s one thing for a web site to handle many users. It can be far more profitable to
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